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IThe Croatian Philharmonic Tradition The purpose of the Croatian Philharmonic Foundation has been the establishment of a recognizable Musical institution with all the characteristics of the Croatian national identity The initiative itself is based on the tradition of the Croatian Philharmonic Association founded in Zagreb at the beginning of the 19th century in the spirit of the Illyrich Movement. The Association enpowered a noble-man, Ivan Zajc, to found a National Theatrical Institution-the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.Philharmonic Orchestras often had a major role in the history of an imperilled people as well as in the creation of National Government. Croatian Philharmonic Foundation has been the goal of many generations of Croatian musicians, but it could not be realized because of various complex political reasons. That is why a present-day Croatian Philharmonic Foundation simply appears to be the historical inevitability of the Croatian musical scene, which it was possible to set up only when the Sovereign Croatian Republic was established.With the Croatian Philharmonic’s activities, the Croatian musical scene has been constant in the process of enrichment and the opening of perspectives for the younger generations of musicians. Philharmonic activity is also a powerful promoter of Croatian musical culture abroad. The first invitations for guest performances in Germany in December 2005, as well as in8 other foreign countries, confirm what has been mentioned above.The Croatian Philharmonic promotes a varied repertoire, from symphonic, chamber to rock music under a common name “Classic&Rock”. The Orchestra also ensures help to groups and individuals to initiate creative work through the production of quality and recognisable musical-cultural products. It also helps various copmpanies and other economic subjects with their projects which promote Croatian “products” in our country and abroad under the name “Made in Croatia”.

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