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CD - Sensations

Hrvatska filharmonija na nosaču zvuka u izdanju diskografske kuće Naxos

Produkcija izdanja CD Sensations i organizacija snimanja u Zagrebu (crkva Sv.Luke) 

Hrvatska filharmonija, Zagreb


Cesare Chiacchiaretta, bandoneon

Miran Vaupotić, dirigent 

CD osvojio Global Music Award - zlatna medalja za mo. Mirana Vaupotića


David Denton

 I hope we hear more discs from the excellent Croatian orchestra who are a classy group under their  conductor, Miran  Vaupotic. © 2014 David’s Review Corner

DI MARINO, R.: Bandoneon Concerto

PIAZZOLLA, Á.: Oblivion / 5 Tango Sensations

(Chiacchiaretta, Croatian Philharmonic, Vaupotić)


The bandoneon is a type of concertina which has been an essential part of traditional tango ensembles for the past century. Award-winning Italian composer Roberto Di Marino explores the breathtakingly virtuoso and sensual qualities of this distinctive instrument in his Concerto, with its driving syncopated rhythms and melodies which tug at the heartstrings. Ástor Piazzolla singlehandedly created the ‘nuevo tango’ genre, and his haunting Oblivion is one of his most intensely expressive creations in this style. He described the Five Tango Sensations as “a musical farewell to life”.


Di Marino, Roberto

   Bandoneon Concerto

1.  I. Adagio - Allegro 00:06:52

2.  II. Adagio 00:07:04

3.  III. Presto 00:08:16


Piazzolla, Astor


4.  Oblivion 00:04:00

   5 Tango Sensations

5.  No. 1. Asleep 00:05:46

6.  No. 2. Loving 00:05:51

7.  No. 3. Anxiety 00:05:31

8.  No. 4. Despertar 00:06:25

9.  No. 5. Fear 00:04:12

Total Playing Time: 00:53:57

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Ansambl HF na snimanju s C. Chiacchiaretom i M. Vaupotićem, 2. dio
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